"The ethical decision is always the fearsome decision. When something matters enough that we are afraid of the consequences–afraid that even the honorable choice could result in harm or loss or sorrow–that’s when ethics are involved."
Henry W. Bloch, The Importance of Ethics

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Health Benefits of Eating Fair

I'm not sure how much I trust Buzz Feed, but the following article did get me thinking: 8 Foods We Eat that are Banned in Other Countries.  How is it that we as Americans know so little about the poisons in our food?
Where do you want your food grown?

We've been bombarded with the lie that processed foods are somehow more efficient than fresh foods. How is forcing our bodies to process non-food items in order to save a few minutes more efficient than filling our bodies with actual food that nourishes us and gives us energy? And it's not like the above information is ground breaking news-- we know that many processed foods are full of poison! What's shocking is that we accept this information and keep eating them!

Even as I write this I am daydreaming of pink frosted doughnuts. The delicious sweetness layered on soft fluffy cake and topped with sprinkles. A concoction built from wheat so processed as to lose all nutritional value, fried in genetically modified canola oil (Non-GMO Project), and topped with pink chemicals developed in labs. Yum? Yet, in the coming weeks I wouldn't be surprised if I experience
temporary amnesia and eat one of these non-food wonders.  Something is seriously wrong here.

Though, perhaps this inability to be as good as we want to be isn't ground breaking news either. In fact, it's Biblical-- "I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate to do," Romans 7:15. It's human nature to go against the best interest of the world around us (and ultimately ourselves), but now we have money machines, companies that truly don't give a damn about our health or well-being, manipulating us into thinking that something as ridiculous as eating the petroleum-based chemicals found in artificial food dye is acceptable!

Thankfully, my desire to take care of my own body is in good company with my desire to buy fair-trade and organic products. It's been my personal observation that companies that care a little more about the world around us care about our health a little more too. Though fair trade is more expensive, I'd rather give my money to people who are looking out for my best interests than people who use my money to further confuse me with their mass-marketed non-foods.

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